Grilled angler fillet

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N -fish fillets garlic bread crumbs olive oil salt and pepper parsley

Because of its dense flesh the Angler must be cut sliced thin to be grilled easily. The best way is through use of the continuous butterfly as outlined above. But, you can also slice the fillet crosswise into pieces about ½ inch thick and grill them on skewers.

Marinate in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, bread crumbs and parsley for about ½ hour. Put on a very hot, oiled grill over mesquite charcoal and cook until done, taking care not to overcook.


Remove the loose outer skin from the tail, trim the dorsal fin and, for best results, especially when grilling, remove all the membrane under the skin or it'll shrink and distort the fillet. Cut off the tail where the fillet stops. Place the tail on your work surface, ventral side down, and cut vertically along the bone to remove the fillet from one side; repeat for the other side. From here, you may want to butterfly each fillet. Hold the ventral side down and bone side vertical. Holding the knife horizontally about ⅜ inch above your work surface, cut from the outside toward the bone side to within ¼ inch of cutting through the fillet. Unfold the upper part of the fillet until the bone side is flat against your work surface.

If this part of the fillet is still thick, you may want to make a second cut in the same plane and unfold the remaining part. You want to end up with the entire fillet reduced to about ¼ inch.

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