Gazpacho manchego

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Rabbit
1 \N Partridge
1 \N Garlic head
4 slices Daily bread * like torts/thin slices
2 \N Red tomatoes
½ litre Olive oil, water, salt, 1 red pepper...

clean and cut in pieces the rabbit and partridge. add salt. in a saucepan put part of oil and fry the meat with the hole garlic head (do not separate the cloves) and add water till cover all. cook slowly till meat is tender.

in other saucepan with balance oil stew the tomatoes and pepper peeled and in pieces. Add this to the meat and the bread in pieces too. Water must cover all, if necessay add a little... Watch the cooking and care do not paste to bottom of saucepan... Boiling about 25 mins. Should be dense and juicy more than liquid... Taste salt and serve hot. Posted to FoodWine Digest by ksd <supplies@...> on Jul 6, 1997

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