Garnishing carrot sticks

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1. Carrot sticks are a very popular vegetable in a relish tray and offer a pleasing contrast in color and crunch when mixed with other vegetables. To make the carrot sticks, select a fat, squatty carrot.

Cut off about ½ inch of the root end and stem end. Wash the vegetable in cold water. With a small knife cut long strips (about ¼ inch thick) the full length of the carrot. Keep the cuts as even and straight as possible.

2. Cutting the vegetable this way should produce wide strips which are then laid flat to be sliced again into 4 inch strips. Trim each carrot stick to a length of about 3 inches. if the carrot sticks are placed in ice water they will curl around to form half circles.

These half circles can be arranged so that they form an orange vegetables ring in a relish tray for holding black and green olives.


%%%%% OLIVE DUMB BELLS %%%%%


For another attractive munchie on a sandwich plate or relish tray you can use the carrot sticks to make edible dumb bells by simply putting a pitted olive on each end of a carrot stick. You can also put a small amount of cream cheese into the pitted olive to hold the carrot stick securely.


%%%%% CARROT BUNDLES %%%%%


Another variation of the carrot and olive combination is the carrot bundle. These are made by threading a few carrot sticks through a pitted black or green olive to form a vegetable bundle with is temptingly easy to munch on. The carrot bundle also adds a nice garnish to individual sandwich plates.

Origin: The Fine Art of Garnishing, by Jerry Crowley. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Aug/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 08-18-95

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