Garnishing beet spirals

Yield: 1 servings

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The beet spiral makes an impressive decoration when used as a centerpiece for a relish tray or when they are place don fresh parsley and set at each corner of a meat entre and topped with a radish rose. 1. To make the beet spiral, select beets which are oval in shape. Cut

the stem and root ends to creat flat surfaces. Use the garnishing knife around the outside of the vegetable to give the beet a ripple edge. 2. Use the spiral slicer and with a moderate pressure, push the point of the plastic screw into the core, or center, of the beet.

Give the vegetable a few turns to allow the screw to catch hold.

Once the screw has grabbed hold, place the beet securely in your left hand (right hand if you are left handed) and with the other hand turn the sprial slicer. Allow the spiral slicer to wind into the beet at its own pace, do not apply pressure while turning. 3. After the spiral slicer has sliced through about half way, hold the blade of the slicer steady and turn the beet into the blade. This way you will be able to slice completely through the beet. 4. Was the sliced beet under warm water to remove the beet juice and interlock the two ends of the beet sprial to form the decoration. Place a radish rose on top of the beet spiral for a finishing touch. Origin: The Fine Art of Garnishing, by Jerry Crowley. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Aug/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 08-18-95

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