Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Fruit juice; (i like grape juice best!)


1. 4 small paper cups

2. 4 small spoons, or 4 popsicle sticks (you can buy these at a craft store. )

3. freezer

4. timer

How to make Fruit-sicles:

1. Carefully pour the fruit juice into the 4 paper cups.

2. Put the 4 cups into the freezer.

3. Set the timer for 20 minutes, and then go look at a book.

4. When the timer rings, check the fruit juice. If it's starting to get hard, put a small spoon or a popsicle stick in each cup. If it's not getting hard yet, set the timer for 10 minutes. Check the freezer again when the timer rings. Keep doing this until you can put the spoons or sticks in.

5. In about 2 hours, your Fruit-sides should be ready to eat! Boy, these are good treats to make, I like them better than any kind of cake.

Recipe by: My First Encyclopedia CD rom Posted to recipelu-digest by James and Susan Kirkland <kirkland@...> on Feb 03, 1998

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