Frozen fruit daiquiries

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
30 millilitres White rum
20 millilitres Lemon juice
20 \N ML SUGAR SYRUP (1:1)
15 millilitres Strawberry liqueur
5 \N Medium-sized strawberries
15 millilitres Banana liqueur
½ \N Banana
\N \N Peach:
15 millilitres Peach liqueur
½ \N Peach
15 millilitres Apricot liqueur
2 smalls Apricot-halves
15 millilitres Lychee liqueur
5 \N Lychees






In general: Frozen Fruit Daiquiries are mixed drinks, made with fresh fruit, using a blender or kitchenmixer and lots of ice. They're more or less spring/summer drinks, because of the prices and/or availability of the ingredients.

In case you didn't know already: 1 Fl Oz equals 30 ml (approx.) Usually: Shake with ice,strain into cocktailglass, serve straight up. In this case: mix several units in a clear bottle, for later use. Shake bottle before use.

Blend with ice for about 20 seconds, serve straight up in a nice or even fancy glass. Straw.

Variations: you could add lemon juice if you think they're too sweet or add cream (after 10 seconds of blending!) to make them softer.

Garnishing: as goes for all mixed drinks: a contrast in colour, with a flavour that goes with the drink. Enjoy! (S.E. OELE) OELE@...


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