Foreign/u.s. equivalents

Yield: 60 servings

Measure Ingredient



Icing sugar powdered sugar Caster Sugar Superfine sugar Cornflour Cornstarch Sultanas White raisins Single Cream Light cream Double Cream Heavy Cream Bicarbonate of soda Baking Soda Digestive Biscuits Graham crackers Biscuit Cookie or cracker Minced meat Ground meat Aubergine Eggplant Beetroot Beet

Courgette zucchini Swede Rutabaga Porcini boletus 1 oz Chocolate 1 square ⅔ oz Bakers yeast 1 cake

3 ts Dried yeast 1 cake

1 c 10 fl oz/1¼ c 1 ts 1 ¼ ts 1 tb 1 ¼ tb 1 c Imperial 10 fl oz/1 ¼ c 1 c 1 c + 2 tb 1 ts 5 ml

1 tb 1 tb + 1-½ ts 1 tb 20 ml

1 c 250 ml

1 lb butter 4 sticks butter 1 stick butter ¼ lb - ½ cup butter ½ stick butter ⅛ lb - ¼ cup butter 2 sticks butter ½ lb - 1 cup butter Collected from posts on GEnie Food & Wine RT by COOKIE-LADY, and posts on Fido Cooking echo by BOB EMERT, Dale & Gail Shipp, and ERIC DECKER. Special thanks to ANNE MACLELLAN for actually comparing her set of Australian measures. You will probably notice that some items have more than one equivalent amount given; if sources disagreed, and I haven't tested myself, I've included both.

MM by Sylvia Steiger, GEnie THE.STEIGERS, CI$ 71511,2253, Internet sylvia.steiger@..., moderator of GT Cookbook and PlanoNet Lowfat & Luscious echoes

From: Sylvia Steiger

Submitted By HELEN PEAGRAM On 11-19-95

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