British/u.s. equivalents

Yield: 60 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup = 10 fl oz = 1-1/4 c
1 teaspoon 1-1/4 ts
1 tablespoon 1-1/4 tb
1 cup Imperial; 10 fl oz = 1-1/4 c
1 fluid ounce 2 tb
Icing sugar; powdered sugar
Caster Sugar;Superfine sugar
Soft brown sugar;Brown sugar
Muscovado; raw unrefind sugr
Wholemeal flour; Graham flr
Cornflour; Cornstarch
Hartshorn; ammonia (Danish)
Single Cream; Light cream
Double Cream; Heavy Cream
Bicarbonate of soda; Baking Soda
Digestive Biscuits; Graham crackers
Biscuit; Cookie or cracker
Vegetable fat; Crisco
Minced meat; Ground meat
Prawns; Shrimp
Sultanas; White raisins
Spring onion; Green onions
Aubergine; Eggplant
Beetroot; Beet
Courgette; zucchini
Marrow: lg zucchini
Swede; Rutabaga
Porcini: boletus
Mangetout; snow/sugar peas
French bean; Green or string snap bean
Red, green pepper or capsicum; bell pepper
Sweet pepper; Pimento
Vegetable marrow; Summer squash
Papaw; Papaya or Pawpaw
Patna rice; Long grain
Carolina rice; Short grain

demerara: a brown sugar, but each grain is kind of separate. If you have a Carribean store in your neighbourhood, their brown sugar is what you want. But you can substitute light brown sugar for it.

Muscvada: Very dark brown sugar (almost black), sticks together in one solid lump and has to be prised apart. The rawest (and tastiest) of all the sugars. Really good for dark cakes and especially Christmas puddings.

Brown crystal. Very large variagated brown crystals of sugar, hard and crunchy usually used in coffee.

jaggary; barely refined cane sugar. Substitute a "raw" sugar or Mexican piloncillo sugar.

Scampi OR Dublin Bay Prawns; Butterfly shrimps or Pacific prawns

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