Filo bittersweet fruit triangles

Yield: 32 servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ cup Bittersweet chocolate chopped
½ cup Apricot, dried
½ cup Golden raisins
¼ cup Roasted almonds; diced
2 tablespoons Dark or amber rum
16 \N Filo dough, thawed in refrigerator
1 \N Stick unsalted butter clarified

Recipe by: 365 Great Chocolate Desserts - ISBN 0-06-016537-5 Preparation Time: 0:50 1. Preheat oven to 350 F. In a food processor, combine chocolate, apricots, raisins, almonds, and rum. Process until mixture is chopped into very small pieces. 2. Unwrap filo dough sheets and place on a large sheet of wax paper. Cover with wax paper and a damp towel. Remove 1 filo sheet to another sheet of wax paper; brush with some clarified butter. Top with a second filo sheet. Cut lengthwise into 4 equal strips. 3. Place about 1 tsp chocolate-fruit filling in bottom corner of each strip. Fold 1 corner of dough over filling to opposite side to make a triangle. Continue folding strip as in a flag fold, keeping triangle shape until all dough is folded.

Place seam side down on ungreased baking sheets. Repeat with remaining filo, more clarified butter, and remaining filling. Brush tops with more butter. Bake 20 mins, or until golden brown. Serve warm or at room temperature.

NOTE: To clarify butter, in a small skillet melt butter over low heat. Let stand a few mins. Skim off and discard white foam that rises to top and do not use any milky residue that sinks to the bottom of the skillet. The clear yellow liquid is clarified butter.

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