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HAWAII: Grass skirts, ukuleles, hula, and the ubiquitous pineapple; emblems of a Paradise of the Pacific, where Polynesian royalty reigned and volcanic Mauna Loa adds her periodic firewords to luaus.

Surfboards, outrigger canoes and fields of sugar cane mark Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Niihau, Kahoolawe - a tropic of vowels - whose Aloha means hail and farewell.

IDAHO: Kamloop rainbow, world's largest trout, spawn in Pend Oreille lake and salmon jump in the cascades of the River of No Return.

Waterfalls tumble in the Snake, Hell's Canyon runs deeper than Grand.

Elk, cougar and antelope tempt hunters in the Sawtooth Mountains, fat pheasanat and partridge abound in the Bitterrots. Idaho is so much more than potatoes. ILLINOIS: The prairie extends to the horizon in the Land of Lincoln. Chicago, "that toddling town," Sandburg's "City of the Big Shoulder," broods on the shores of Lake Michigan, toying with its trains, stacking its wheat, prodding its stockyards. One walks in the Emancipator's steps at Springfield, touches an atom-smasher at Champaign-Urbana, finds times at Elgin. INDIANA: Picturesque covered bridges in the farm belt, steel's smoky fingers at Gary, sand dunes along Lake Michigan, yellow poplars on the Banks of the Wabash, stern wheelers on the Ohio, Tippecanoe, Purdue and popcorn, limestone caverns, Lincoln's boyhood home, James Whitcomb Riley's too, South Bends fighting Irish. Here you race 500 miles or write to Santa Claus. IOWA: Truly America's Bread Basket, heartland of the nations agriculture, where the corn is as wide as an elephan'ts hide and butter'n'egg men live side by side. Des Moines recalls the French monks who came upon it almost three centuries ago, Pottawattamie speaks of the Siouan tribe that met them. "The Music Man's" town is here too, but disquised as Mason City. KANSAS: Way station of the prairie schooners, jumping-off place for Lewis and Clark's expedition to the Northwest. Center of the Great Plains, it signifies "Home on the Range", a song it takes as it's own. Deep Indian territory, its frontier forts still guard the land. Burial grounds of the Wyandots lie in the heart of busy Kansas City - a century old promise kept. KENTUCKY: Lexington, where the grass is blue and thoroughbreds come forth each spring from Calumet and Greentree to make the Derby's "Run for the Roses" at Churchill Downs.

Limestoned valleys that Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton traversed, blazing a trail through the Cumberland Gap. Mammoth Cave with its mysteries, Fort KNox with its gold, and Floyd Collins' Crystal Cave.

LOUISIANA: Stories of Jean Laffite, de Soto, and La Salle echo through the early history of the romantic bayou country.

Spanish-French to the tip of is Delta fingers, it calls its great feast day Mardi Gras, its counties parishes and its gay city New Orleans. In Antoine's, the menu is exquisitely Creole. Levees restrain the mighty Mississippi in its 600 mile dash to the Gulf.

MAINE: The famed "Rock-ribbed Coast: is shattered by countless bays and inlets, Bar Harbor, Penobscot, Frenchman, at Eastport one is closest to the Spanish Main. Pine cone and balsam fir scent the cold air, and whoosh of ski blade and spin of angler's reel sound in this state whole face is pocked by more that 2,500 lakes and whose slopes are dressed in virginal white. MARYLAND: At Fort McHenry waved the Banner that inspired Francis Scott Key to compose our National Anthem, and a half century later, Lee fought McClellan at Antietam Creek. A proud military tradition continues at Annapolis, where midshipmen go down to the Chesapeake in trainers. In Baltimore stand the home of Edgar Allan Poe and Pimlico, where the Preakness is run.

Origin: Women's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, Volume 1. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Oct/94.

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