Egg plants

Yield: 1 Servings

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Sure egg plants can be eaten raw. They just don't taste like much. However they are an very useful veggie than can be grilled (brust with a bit of olive oil and spring with garlic powder), stir fried, baked, etc.

One of my favorite ways to use an egg plant is to slice it in ½" pieces, dip it in beaten egg to which some garlic powder has been added, roll it italian bread crumbs, fry it quickly in olive oil, lay it in a baking pan, cover with a good italian tomato sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese, top with sliced mozzerele and bake until the sauce heats and the mozzerele melts and browns a bit. Serve with pasta, crust breat and a nice green salad. Accompany with a robust red wine like chianti or maybe a young cabernet. To keep this chile related, the tomato sauce can contain jalapenos or habaneros to taste, or serve crushed red peppers on the side to sprinkle on the pasta and eggplant. That is good eating and is pretty enough to qualify as company food! A simpler way is to fire up the barbie and grill slices or kebab chunks with other veggies, brush with olive oil and cook till done. Eggplant is done whenm, like fish , it looses its opaque quality and turns sort of translucent.

Notice all my recepies call for oil as a necessary inclusion when cooking eggplant. Are there ways to do this nifty vegetable without oil? If so I would really appreciate receiving such recepies.

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