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The variety of color, flavor and texture you'll find in EDEN Misos is a reflection of the ingredients and climate in which they were made.

Whole beans and grains are cleaned, steamed, inoculated with koji (Aspergillus oryzae), which is also used in the production of shoyu, tamari and rice vinegar) and mixed with sea salt, then aged in wooden kegs weighted with stones to allow time, temperature and climate to create a uniquelY satisfying food.

Hacho Miso Soybean ================================================ Hacho Miso is dark and rich. It is aged a full 3 years. Use it alone when an intense flavor is desired, or use mixed half-and-half with any other Miso for soups, dressings or marinade. Mugi Miso Barley ================================================ Mugi Miso is made with soYbeans and barley koji. It matures in 1-2 years, and has a milder aroma than Hacho Miso. It is perhaps the most universally appealing of all the misos, suitable for summer or winter cooking.

Kome Miso Rice

================================================ Kome Miso is made with soybeans and rice koji, and is the sweetest of the Misos. There are many variations, including Shiro (Sweet White) Miso and Genmai (Brown Rice) 1Miso.

Shiro Miso Sweet Rice ================================================ Shiro Miso, sometimes called "white miso", is the "youngest" Miso (made in just 40 days).

Like Kome Miso it has a light, sweet taste, suitable for use in a wide variety of dishes.

Genmai Miso Brown Rice ================================================ Genmai Miso is made with brown rice koji. As contradictory as it may seem, this is a new and not a traditional food. Prompted by many requests, a method was developed for making koji from whole brown rice. The result is a delightfully rich miso with a light flavor. Soba Miso Buckwheat ================================================ Soba Miso, made with buckwheat and soybeans, is a hearty variety that tastes especially good in cold weather.

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