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In 1988, to meet industry demand, Eden chose OCIA as its primary independent third-party certifier for Organically Grown and Processed foodstuffs. Since then, we have aggressively promoted and supported OCIA in the hopes that it will remain the most credible and stringent certifier in the U.S.A.

Before Eden Foods will characterize any food as 'organically grown' the soil producing it must first have a minimum of three years organic nurturing and stewardship.

OCIA - ORGANIC CROP IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION - A farmer-based and owned, international, American centered Organic Certification Association.

IFOAM - INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL MOVEMENTS ~ The largest international Organic Certification Association; centered in Europe and the most respected there.

EDEN - Our own certification program developed through 25 years of certification activity.

CCOF - CALIFORNIA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMERS - A developing, less stringent California centered certifier.

As demand for organic foods increases and big business swoops in, it is more important than ever to ask the question - Who says it's organic? The government? Or worse?

Please encourage everyone to be involved, informed buyers.

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