Boston - country life vegan restaurant (sda)

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I have eaten at Country Life before it moved and it was quite good.

It is a buffet with several main dishes, two soups, and an extensive salad bar. I don't think that it is VLF, but it is vegan and nothing is visibly oily. They do have nut butters and products made with tofu and other potentially high fat meat substitutes. I bought their cookbook, but I have not used it very much because a lot of their main dishes include nuts ands seeds or tofu as major ingredients. I think, though, that the restaurant is coming closer to VLF because someone there (the manager, perhaps) is a student at Tufts School of Nutrition and eats VLF herself. It is definitely worth a visit!! Country Life Restaurant 200 High Street (this is their new location) Boston Menu # (617) 951-2462

also: their russian potato soup is quite possibly the yummiest thing I have ever eaten!



From Fatfree Digest April-May 1994, Formatting by Sue Smith (using MMCONV)

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