Easy cheesy broccoli potatoes

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Baking potato
2 tablespoons Non-fat plain yogurt
⅛ teaspoon Seasoning such as Mrs. Dash
1 teaspoon Molly Mc Butter Cheese Flavor or Cheddar cheese powder *note
2 tablespoons Frozen chopped broccoli
¼ teaspoon Paprika

*note - The cheese powder is the powder from macaroni and cheese boxes or use Kraft Grated American Cheese Food Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. Scrub potato. Pierce and microwave 5 minutes on med high. Transfer to toaster oven or oven. Bake 45 minutes or until potato is very well done and skin is crisp.

Slice top off of potato to expose baked potato. Mash with fork. Add yogurt and seasoning and mix well. Press frozen broccoli into the potato, making sure the potato covers it. Make a long slit (like a valley) into the mashed potato and sprinkle in the cheese. Smooth it over with a spoon. Sprinkle with paprika. (Sprinkle seasoning on the potato skin cut from the top and bake that, too.)

Bake 15 minutes longer until hot. Serve and enjoy.

Serves one, but you can do this with as many potatoes as you want.

Note: You only need about 1 tsp of the cheese food. The can of Kraft American Cheese Food (which looks just like the powder from the macaroni and cheese package - but at about ⅓ the price this way) says 25 calories and 1½ fat grams per TB.

Cal 200 (depending on size of potato - this is for a large one), Fat .5g, CFF 2%, Carb 44g, Fiber 4.5g, Protein 7.0g, Potas 135.6g, Calcium 81g.

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