Delicatessen rye

Yield: 1 Large loaf

Measure Ingredient
2¼ teaspoon Yeast
2⅔ cup Bread flour ]
1 cup Rye flour; plus 2 Tbsp
2¼ teaspoon Sugar
1½ teaspoon Salt
1½ tablespoon Caraway seeds
1½ tablespoon Vegetable oil
1½ teaspoon Barley malt syrup
⅓ cup Sourdough starter water; plus 2 Tbsp.

This bread really does taste just like deli rye.

Follow your machine's instructions. It's such a good sourdough, you may have to cut back on the yeast. I made a loaf this morning and cut the yeast back from 2 tsp. to 1½ tsp. and it still spilled over the pan.

SOURCE: "The Best Bread Machine Cookbook Ever" by Madge Rosenberg Posted on PRODIGY, November, '94; formatted by Elaine Radis, BGMB90B

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