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NATURAL CREAMS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * RICH or DOUBLE CREAM (48% fat) is great with fresh fruity desserts and sugary puddings * PURE AND WHIPPING CREAM (35% fat) is good in soups, cakes and creamy desserts

* REDUCED CREAM (25% fat) - use it in drinks and creamy sauces * LIGHT CREAM (18% fat) and EXTRA LIGHT CREAM (12% fat) are good pouring creams - neither will whip, so don't take the beater out for this one

TREATED CREAMS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * THICKENED CREAM (35% fat), THICKENED REDUCED (25% fat) and THICKENED LIGHT CREAM (18% fat) have about 1% gelatine, alginate or rennet added. The addition of these gives the cream greater stability, making it easier to whip and spread. (Light thickened cream will not whip)

* SCALDED OR CLOTTED CREAM (48% fat) is cream that has been heated at 82deg C for 30 minutes. This thick, rich cream is the one for Devonshire teas and scones

* CULTURED OR SOUR CREAM (35% fat) and LIGHT SOUR CREAM (18% fat) - selected cultures are added in controlled conditions. The resulting cream is thick and tart in flavour * CREME FRAICHE (48% fat) is a blend of pure cream and sour cream, used often in soups, sauces and casseroles * CANNED REDUCED CREAM (25% fat) is canned and sterilised for long shelf life

* LONG-LIFE CREAM (35% fat) is heated at a high temperature for a short period. Use it as you would regular cream * AEROSOL/PRESSURE PACK CREAM (25% fat) is packaged in an easy-to-use can with a harmless gas propellant. It's instant whipped cream BUYING AND STORING CREAM ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cream can be refigerated for up to 10 days after purchase but it is best used within 3 to 4 days. Always check the use-by dates. Sour cream unopened will be at its peak for 10 to 15 days, but once opened you will need to use it within 2 days. You can freeze cream. The types with 48% fat can be frozen for up to 3 months. Sometimes the fat and liquid tend to separate on thawing but you'll find that a light whipping will restore the smoothness. The creams with less than 40% fat are best if lightly whipped before being frozen for up to 2 months. Always thaw cream in the fridge, even in a hurry don't thaw cream in the microwave.

From "Family Circle magazine - April 1997 issue Australia" Typed by Vicki Crawford

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