Country-style stew

Yield: 10 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds Stewing Beef, cut in bite-sized cubes (up to 4)
2 smalls Turnips, diced
10 \N Carrots, cut in large chunks (up to 12)
4 \N Median-sized Onions, quartered (up to 5)
\N \N Potatoes if desired (very large cubes)
\N \N Approximately 1 Cup Flour
\N \N Allspice Seasoning (try 2 tsp, increase while cooking, if desired)
\N \N Salt and Pepper
\N \N Other spices if desired, I added a tbsp basil
2 cups Water or beef broth (up to 3)

Prepared Claybaker--immerse all parts in room temperature water for minimum of 30 minutes. Claybaker is placed in cold oven and temperature at approximately 450 degrees for 45 minutes and then turned down to 325-350 degrees until cooked. A stockpot can be substituted for the claybaker.

1. Mix flour, spices, salt and pepper together. Use less spices initially and increase allspice while stew is cooking to taste.

2. Roll cubed stewing beef in above mixture and place in cold claybaker (or stockpot).

3. Onions are added with stewing beef and water or beef broth.

4. Add turnips and carrots after beef has cooked about 1 hour. Check if additional liquid is needed.

5. Potatoes are added--if desired--in the last hour or so. I preferred mashed potatoes or rice as a side dish instead of including potatoes in the stew. Leftovers freeze well.

Serves 4-6 people Posted to TNT - Prodigy's Recipe Exchange Newsletter by Sherilyn Palmer <dojspalm@...> on Mar 15, 1997

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