Cold tomato catsup

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ \N Peck ripe tomatoes
½ gallon Vinegar
1 \N Teacup salt
1 \N Teacup mustard, ground fine
4 \N Pods red pepper
3 \N Tablespoonfuls black peeper
1 \N Handful celery seed
1 cup Horseradish

I just looked through The great Barbecue Companion by Bruce Bjorkman. He has a quite a few sauces without ketchup.

Actually I don't know why you want to avoid Ketchup. It is traditional. In fact I have an 1879 Virginian cook book that has a whole section on "Pickle and Catsups". Here is a sample. All of the ingredients must be cut fine, and mixed cold. Put in bottles, cork, and seal tight. It is better kept awhile - Mrs P.

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