Citrus flavored oil

Yield: 1 /2 cup

Measure Ingredient
2 mediums Orange or
3 mediums Lemons, Meyer lemons or limes cut into eighths
1 cup Olive oil

Roughly chop the fruit skin, seeds, and all in a food processor with short pulses or use a chef's knife. Do not process to a pure. If the fruit is too finely chopped, the oil will emulsify with the pulp and not separate. Transfer the fruit to the work bowl of an electric mixer and add the oil. Mix on low speed for 10 minutes with the paddle attachment. Let stand at room temperature for 2 hours.

Rinse 4 layers of cheesecloth in cold water and squeeze dry. Suspend a fine-mesh strainer over a fat separator or bowl. Put the citrus mixture in the cheesecloth and squeeze to extract the oil. As you squeeze, the web of the cheesecloth loosens. The strainer will catch the bits of pulp which may escape. Let stand again to allow oil and juice to separate. The clear oil will float above the thick mixture of juice, pulp, and some emulsified oil. Pour off oil into a sterilized glass jar or bottle and discard juice. Cover tightly, refrigerate, and use within 1 week.

Note: If fruit has thick skins, the pith may add some bitterness to the oil. To avoid this, peel the zest with a vegetable peeler, put in a food processor, and chop finely. Cut the pith off the fruit being careful not to cut into the pulp. You want to save as much juice and pulp as possible. Cut the fruit into eighths and process with the zest. Then put in a electric mixer and mix as above.

Variation for Kumquats: Use pound fruit for 1 cup oil and follow the method above.

Flavored Oils by Michael Chiarello ISBN 0-8118-0898-X pg 22 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 06-20-95

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