Christmas punch #1

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 Litres 7-up
1 Magnum champagne
1 quart Lime sherbert
Fruit slices such as oranges; pineapple etc.
2 Litres 7-up
1 quart Good fruity white wine such as a Gewerstraminier
1½ quart Pineapple sherbert


Soften the lime sherbert. It should be almost soupy, but not quite. Place one half of the quart in a large punch bowl. Pour the champagne and the 7-UP at the same time, over the sherbert until the bowl is full. Stir until mixed, but not vigorously. Add some of the fruit slices for color. This tastes very creamy and refreshing. You can make it non alcoholic by using gingerale and 7-UP.

Variation: Proceed as above.



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