Chocolate orange creams

Yield: 12 ounces

Measure Ingredient
8 ounces Basic fondant-see recipe
3 drops Oil of Orange
Orange food coloring
7 ounces Milk chocolate
¼ ounce Vegetable fat
Candied orange peel, to decorate

Knead the fondant until pliable, gradually working in the oil of orange and a very little coloring, just to tint it a pale orange.

Roll out the fondant to about ½" thick on a board lightly dusted with icing sugar. Cut out shapes, using the same cutter each time.

Leave the fondants to dry on parchment. When the centers are thoroughly dry, break the chocolate into a bowl and melt it over a pan of hot water. Add a little vegetable fat if necessary to achieve a dipping consistency. Using a dipping ring, dip the orange creams one at a time in the chocolate to give them a generous coating. Place on parchment. Before the chocolate dries, place a small piece of candied orange peel in the center of each one. Leave to dry.

From: Harrods Book of chocolates and Other Edible Gifts by Gil Edden ISBN: 1-85627-579-5 Typed by Carolyn Shaw 12-94.

Submitted By CAROLYN SHAW On 01-12-95

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