Cheesy tuna and noodles

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
3 packs (3 oz. ea) Campbell's or Ramen Pride Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup
2 tablespoons Butter or margarine
1 pack (10 oz) frozen mixed vegetables; thawed and drained
1 Clove garlic; minced
1 can (10 3/4 oz) Campbell's condensed Cream of Mushroom soup
¾ cup Milk
1½ cup Shredded mozzarella cheese; (6 oz)
⅛ teaspoon Pepper
Generous dash ground nutmeg
1 can (about 7 oz) tuna; drained and broken into chunks
2 minutes, stirring often.

1. Cook noodles according to package directions. Add seasoning packets; drain off most of liquid. Set aside.

2. In 10-inch skillet over medium heat, in hot margarine, cook vegetables and garlic

3. Stir in mushroom soup and milk. Add mozzarella cheese, pepper and nutmeg. Cook until cheese melts, stirring occasionally.

4. Stir in reserved noodles and tuna. Heat through, stirring occasionally 6 servings

Variation: Salmon Noodle Skillet: Prepare Cheesy Tuna and Noodles as directed above, except substitute 1 10 ounce package frozen cut green beans, thawed and drained, for the mixed vegetables and 1 can (about 7 ounces) salmon, drained and broken into chunks, for the tuna. In step 3, add 1 can (8 oz) sliced water chestnuts, drained, with the cheese.

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