Cheese guide #2

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
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%%%%% CREAM %%%%%


HOW IT LOOKS AND TASTES - Very mild flavored soft cheese with buttery texture. Rich and smooth. Available whipped and in flavored spreads.

HOW TO SERVE - Adds richness and body to molded and frozen salds, cheesecake, dips, frostings, sandwich spreads. Serve whipped with dessert.


%%%%% EDAM, GOUDA %%%%%


HOW IT LOOKS AND TASTES - Round, red coated cheeses; creamy yellow to yellow orange insides firm and smooth. Mild nutlike flavor.

HOW TO SERVE - Brought hub for dessert ors nack tray. Good in sandwiches or crunchy salads, or with crackers. Great with grapes and oranges.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% LIEDERKRANZ, LIMBURGER %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% HOW IT LOOKS AND TASTES - Robust flavor and highly aromatic. Soft and smooth when ripe. Liederkranz is milder in flavor and golden yellow in color. Limburger is creamy white.

HOW TO SERVE - Spread on pumpernickel, rye, or crackers. Team with apple, pears and Today grapes. SErve as snack with salty pretzels and coffee.

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%% MOZZARELLA, SCAMORZE %%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% HOW IT LOOKS AND TASTES - Unripened. Mild flavored and slightly firm.

Creamy white to pale yellow.

HOW TO SERVE - Cooking cheese. A 'must' for pizza, lasagna; good in toasted sandwiches and hot snacks.


%%%%% MUENSTER %%%%%


HOW IT LOOKS AND TASTES - Between Brick and Limburger. Mild to mellow flavor, creamy white. Medium hard, tiny holes.

HOW TO SERVE - Use in sandwiches or on snack or dessert tray. Good with fresh sweet cherries and melon wedges.

Origin: Cooking with Love, compiled by Baptist Church in Oregon.

Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Aug/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 08-26-95

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