Charlie's chicken chili

Yield: 24 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Chickens
1 pounds Ground Turkey OR
6 \N Chicken legs OR
6 \N Chicken breasts
4 cans Tomatoes with green chilis
\N \N (Ro-Tel)
2 cans Green chiles
4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
4 mediums Onion
4 \N Bell peppers
1 bunch Green onions
4 \N Cloves Garlic
1 pint Chicken Stock, defatted
3 tablespoons Cooking oil
1 medium Red bell pepper
1 tablespoon Cumin
\N \N OR

1- Cut chicken meat off bones as desired and cube up. Whole parts are OK.

(Make stock with bones.) 2- Heat oil in dutch oven or skillet and brown chicken and ground turkey and set aside. 3- Saute onions and bell peppers until soft. 4- Add tomatoes and chilis, chicken stock, tomato paste, mushrooms and all seasonings. 5- Cook on high heat and simmer until thickened - (about one hour) 6- Add Turkey and chicken, red bell pepper, kitchen bouquet, cumin and adjust seasoning. 7- Let it set at room temp for two hours. (This recipe is better the next day).

Recipe By : Clebert/AOL

From: Western Mexican Cookbook


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