Carribean sunset jell-o

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 large Box Orange Jell-O; or two small boxes
2 cups Boiling Water
1½ cup Cold Water
½ cup Rum; * see note ---Variation-----
1 small Box Orange Jell-O; or Cherry Jell-O
1 cup Boiling Water
1 cup Cold Water; (package directions)

* (I used "Cockspur" dark rum from Barbados, West Indies.) Little "souffle cups" or Dixie Cups, Bathroom-size Make up the Orange Jell-O, with the rum, in the usual way. (Dissolve the Jell-O thoroughly in the boiling water, etc.) Distribute into individual servings.

Make up the Orange Jell-O without the rum, in the usual way.

Distribute into individual servings.

Let all of the Orange Jell-O set for about 1-2 hours. (It helps if you mark them specially, or put them in different cups, or on different trays or different refrigerators or something. I put an X on the non-alc. cups.)

Mix up the Cherry Jell-O. Let it cool, about half an hour or so.

Make sure the Orange Jell-O (both with and without rum) have set enough not to slosh when you wiggle them. Pull a tray out of the fridge (I assume you set the cups on trays!) and carefully pour a little bit of Cherry Jell-O on top of each serving. Just enough to cover them. Then put them back in the fridge, and do the next batch.

(Do the rum ones first, then the nonalcoholic.) If you do it just right, there should be enough cherry Jell-O to make a little red layer on top of each orange Jell-O cup. If you miscalculate, well, you'll probably have a bunch of regular ordinary orange Jell-O, and the kids will still be happy with them. (Plus they'll be easier to tell apart.) Put it all back in the fridge, let 'em set, serve the next day.

Voila, you have regular and unleaded (atomic and steam-powered?) versions, and (apart from the rum flavor) they'll be similar.

Everyone will be happy. That's the theory, anyway...

Good luck! I'm taking them to a club meeting tonight, we'll see if it goes over well..

NOTES : This makes a large amount of alcoholic Jell-O, and a small amount of matching non-alcoholic Jell-O Recipe by: "C. Baden" <hazel@...>

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