Canning sweet potatoes

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 pounds To 3 lb; Makes 1 quart
3 cups Sugar
4 cups Water


Sweet potatoes have to be boiled or steamed before processing. All the basic equipment is used. Sweet potatoes can be dry packed with no extra water or wet packed with extra liquid; boiling water or a 40 percent syrup.

1. Select plump, freshly dug, unshriveled sweet potatoes.

2. Organize and prepare equipment and work area.

3. Wash sweet potatoes well and sort according to size.

4. Boil or steam about 20 to 30 minutes, or until tender and skins slip off easily. Don't pierce with a fork.

5. Peel and cut into slices or pieces.

6. DRY PACK: Pack the slices or pieces tightly into hot pint or quart jars, pressing gently to fill the spaces. Fill to within 1 inch of the tops. Don't add liquid. WET PACK: Pack the slices or pieces into hot jars to within 1 inch of the tops. Add ½ teaspoon salt to pints, 1 teaspoon to quarts, if desired. Pour in boiling water or 40 percent syrup to within 1 inch of the tops. Run a slim, non metal tool down along the inside of each jar to release air bubbles. Add more boiling liquid to within 1 inch of the tops.

7. Wipe tops and threads of jars with a damp clean cloth.

8. Put on lids and screw bands as the manufacturer directs.

9. Process at 10 pounds pressure. DRY PACK: 65 minutes for pints, 1 hour and 35 minutes for quarts. WET PACK: 55 minutes for pints, 1-½ hours for quarts. Follow the manufacturer's directions for your canner.

10. Follow basic steps for steam pressure canning, 10 through 24.

Source: Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia Typos by Dorothy Flatman 1995 Submitted By DOROTHY FLATMAN On 10-07-95

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