Brining ribs

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 quarts Apple cider
2 quarts Water plus a beer; (to make total of another 2 quarts)
¾ cup Kosher salt; or more
¼ cup Molassas; or more
2 tablespoons Finely ground black pepper; about
1 \N Decent shake or two of red pepper
1 tablespoon Maple flavoring

I only let them brine 6 hours.

I cooked them on my WSM starting with an initial temp of about 200 using oak and cherry wood for smoke. After an hour I opened the vents and let the temp come up to 250-275 and held it there. Took them off about 3½ hours later.

To paraphrase Kit...... Boy's and Girls, these were some absolutely EXCELLENT ribs.

To be sure, brined ribs can't be called "traditional"..... but to be honest!!! with everything that's been said by the various NC, Texas and Georgia boys, I've kinda lost interest in "traditional".........

I only hope some of you guys who have a lot more expertise and imagination than I will experiment and report back.

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