Bologna football

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 pounds Bologna; (don't wince...bologna? Just trust me!), uncut (up to 6)
1 small Jar of currant jelly
1 cup Chili sauce
1 dash (heavy) Tabasco
About 4 tablespoons prepared mustard


Don't dismiss this recipe. It sounds wild, but it's great, especially for a SUPER BOWL party, as it ends up looking like a big football & tastes good.

Buy a 5 to 6 pound bologna (don't wince...bologna? Just trust me!), uncut.

Remove the casing & score the bologna lengthwise about four times, lightly.

Place in a roasting pan and bake 4 hours at 250 degrees.

In the meantime make a sauce;

Heat over low heat, whisking until the jelly dissolves. To serve, place bologna on a large platter, surround with parsley, and cocktail bread.

Serve sauce on the side.

One thing I've learned when serving this, it looks so different that the guests might not cut into it & make their own mini-sandwiches, so someone may have to guide them.

This comes from a non-lovin' bologna family, but it's great, easy, & serves a lot of people!

If any is left-over, this makes make great sandwiches: either slice & fry & place on bread with your favorite dressing, or chop with pickles and mix with mayo!

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