Basic spice mix

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 tablespoons Ground cumin
2 tablespoons Pasilla chile powder
2 tablespoons California chile powder
1 tablespoon Salt
2 tablespoons Basil
2 tablespoons Oregano
2 tablespoons Dry mustard
1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper
½ teaspoon Garlic powder
\N 2 cups.

"Seasoned Greetings" -- From the L.A. Times.

The most important ingredients in chili are the spices, and many cooks jealously guard their special blends. But there is a way you can give away your chili recipe without giving away the whole thing. Bottle your seasonings and attach the recipe--without the spice instructions. Tell them that information is too hot to handle. If you don't have a favorite spice mix or chili recipe, you can borrow ours.

Chili powder comes in more varieties than basic red. In the Latino sections of most supermarkets, you can find ground chiles from different kinds of peppers, including pasilla and California chiles. Combine cumin, pasilla and California chile powders, salt, basil, oregano, dry mustard, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. Mix well.

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