Aunt ah's pie crust

Yield: 1 t&b crust

Measure Ingredient
3 cups Flour
1 cup Shortening-Crisco, or subs.
1 dash Salt - if desired.
5 tablespoons Cold water.

Put the unsifted flour, shortening, and salt in a bowl, and blend with a pastry blender 'til crumbly.

Add approximately 5 Tbls. cold water and mix with a fork 'til the mix holds together. You may need more water, but add a little at a time.

Don't mix too much: It should <not> be really smooth or elastic looking. If it is, you mixed too much.

This makes enough crust for a nice thick top and bottom 10" crust pie.

When baking, tent the edges with tinfoil when they just start to brown, especially if you are making apple pie, which seems to take longer.

This is Shirley's recipe, and it makes gloriously thick and flaky pie crust. Smear a little jam on any spare dough and it makes a marvelous tart.

Shirley learned to make this pie crust from my Aunt Ah (Emily Mereweather Ford), who died 5 years ago at age 83. She could bake the eyes out of an oven. This recipe is dedicated to her.

U/L to F-Cooking by Burt Ford 8/95. 11/95 Submitted By BURTON FORD On 11-29-95

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