Zucchini pudding

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N Onion; medium, minced
\N \N Olive oil
3½ pounds Zucchini;green or yellow
1 \N Carrot;small, peeled & grated or finely chopped
3 \N Basil leaves;fresh,shredded OR- Basil; dried
1 tablespoon Parsley,Italian;coarsely chopped salt pepper, freshly ground
4 tablespoons Parmesan;freshly ground(opt)
2 \N Eggs;slightly beaten
½ cup Bread crumbs; fine, dry

Sformato di Zucchini

In a large pot over low heat, cook the onion with 3 Tbsp of oil.

Trim zucchini at both ends and wash thoroughly. Dice and add to onion. Add carrot, basil, parsley, salt and pepper; cook over low heat, covered for 30 minutes to 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

(Cooking time depends on freshness of zucchini.) If it becomes necessary, add a tablespoons of water and continue to cook, stirring until excess moisture has evaporated.

Remove from heat, add the cheese and stir to combine. After mixture has cooked a bit, add the eggs and eggs and stir vigorously.

Pour into an oiled oven-proof dish sprinkled with bread crumbs and oil and bake in a 450F oven for 20 to 30 minutes or until top is nice and brown. SERVES: 6-8

Source:_The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews_

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