The practical kitchen #2

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TWO SINKS ARE BETTER THAN ONE - Two sinks in a kitchen instead of one
Both allows for more than one person at a time to use the sink and makes
Life much easier by having one sink devoted to food preparation and the
Other to cleaning up dishes and pots.

SINK SEATS - One of the more uncomfortable tasks in the kitchen is leaning over a sink to wash. You can alter the space under the sink to allow you to bring up a chair or stool for a more comfortable way of completing the task. WINDOW PLACEMENT - Try to put a window behind the sink. It makes the job of washing much more pleasant. Avoid putting windows near or over a stove. It will pose a serious fire hazard if you install curtains. Place windows for maximum ventilation. SKYLIGHT DELIGHT - A skylight can transform a dark, box like kitchen into a sun drenched oasis of a kitchen. Although there is sometimes a net energy loss from a skylight, the added light often outweighs the downside. Skylights are an excellent way to improve ventilation in a kitchen and make it easier to grow plants and indoor vegetable gardens. LET THERE BE LIGHT - Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between light and health. Since the kitchen is wher people get most of their sustenance, it makde sense that light be a part of the equation. A liberal use of properly placed windeows and skylights ensures adequate natural light. Aftificial light is also key to a well designed kitchen. Professionals recommend the following amounts of wattage for incandescent lights. * 80 square feet: 182-308 watts for low ceilings; 224-392 watts for high ceilings. * 140 square feet: 280-462 watts for low ceilings; 322-546 watts for high ceilings. * 250 square feet: 420-700 watts for low ceilings; 508-840 watts for high ceilings. For fluorescent lights, subtract the total wattage by about 30 percent for the equivalent amount. Low ceilings are defined as being 7 feet. High ceilings are over 10 feet. MIRROR ENHANCERS - In China, mirrors are often used in kitchens to creat a more peaceful atmosphere. You may want to import this idea and use mirrors to brighten the kitchen and make the room appear larger. the only drawback is that kitchen mirrors have a tendency to steam up. FLOOR CHOICES - Conventional wisdom says that tile and stone floors are the way to go, but they are also cold on the feet and very hard surfaces. Vinyl and linoleum floors are relatively easy to maintain. Carpets absorb sound and are soft, but maintenance can be very difficult with spills and all. wood offers the bestof all the options, a happy medium of attractivenss, easy maintenance, and comfort. Oak, maple, birch, cherry, and pecan are all suitable for wood floors. Dark woods hide the grim and dirt the best. KITCHEN APPLIANCE MUSTS - The food processor, toaster oven and mini vacuum are all wonderful utensils for any kitchen. Food processors save enormus amounts of time with their capacity for slicing, dicing, whipping, chopping, shredding, pureeing and more.

Toster ovens can do many of the jobs of a full fledged oven but with a fraction of the energy. Mini vacuums are a big plus in any kitchen for easy cleanup tasks on dry messes. There are some new mini vacuums designed for wet messes as well, but they are more expensive.

Computers are another important tool for the kitchen. Origin: Household Hints + Formulas, by Erik Bruun. Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Aug/95.

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