Special salad dressing

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Hill Smith Family Estate Vinegar
1 cup Good quality olive oil
1 tablespoon Honey
½ teaspoon Salt
Ground pepper to taste
Thyme, chopped finely
Marjoram, chopped finely
Mint, chopped finely
Parsley, chopped finely


Blend vinegar, oil, honey, salt and pepper. Add chopped herbs to taste and blend again, or place all ingredients in a covered jar and shake well. Arrange salad greens in season, in a large bowl; garnish with fresh yellow rose petals and chopped hard-boiled eggs. Just before serving, pour in required amount of dressing and toss.

Michael Hill Smith. Bon-Appetit, Exec.Chef. Magnus Johansson Submitted By SHERREE JOHANSSON On 09-28-94

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