Simple vegetable couscous

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
4½ cup Water
2 tablespoons Paprika
1½ teaspoon Ground cumin
1 large Turnip; peeled, cut into
; 3/4-inch pieces
3 mediums Zucchini; cut into
; 3/4-inch-thick
; rounds
3 Celery stalks; cut into 3/4-inch
; lengths
2 mediums Potatoes; peeled, cut into
; 3/4-inch pieces
3 mediums Tomatoes; halved, seeded, cut
; into 3/4-inch
; pieces
4½ cup Canned vegetable broth
2 tablespoons Olive oil
4 cups Couscous; (about 24 ounces)

Bring water to boil in heavy large Dutch oven over high heat. Mix in paprika and cumin; season lightly with salt and pepper. Add turnip and carrot. Cover and cook 2 minutes. add zucchini, celery and potatoes. Cover and cook until vegetables are tender, about 10 minutes. Add tomatoes. Cook uncovered until tomatoes soften, about 2 minutes. Drain vegetable, reserving cooking liquid. Transfer vegetables to medium bowl and cover with foil to keep warm. Return cooking liquid to same pot and boil until reduced to 1½ cups, about 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, bring 4 ½ cups vegetable broth and oil to boil in heavy large skillet. Mix in couscous; cover skillet. Remove from heat and let stand until couscous softens and absorbs broth, about 10 minutes. Fluff couscous with fork. Season with salt and pepper.

Mound couscous on large platter. Top with vegetables. Drizzle sauce over.

8 To 10 Side-Dish Servings or 4 Main-Course Servings.

Bon Appetit May 1995

Converted by MC_Buster.

Per serving: 3296 Calories (kcal); 36g Total Fat; (9% calories from fat); 108g Protein; 635g Carbohydrate; 0mg Cholesterol; 363mg Sodium Food Exchanges: 39 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 8 ½ Vegetable; 0 Fruit; 6 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates

Converted by MM_Buster v2.0n.

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