Short-crust pastry

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
5 ounces Plain flour
4 ounces Butter
3 tablespoons Cold water

Rub butter into flour until mixture looks like bread crumbs.

Add water and form into a ball. Roll out pastry in two halves, suitable for flan tin or deep pie plate.

Line flan tin or deep pie plate with half the pastry.

Mix and add ingredients for filling according to recipe.

Cover with second half of pastry, brush with a little milk.

Bake in oven 400øF (204øC) for 20 - 25 minutes or as specified.

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NOTES : Short-crust pastry may be a recipe you're always hunting for unless it's a regular item on your menu. Here's how to make it quickly and easily.

(See Dumfries Pie; Forfar Bridies; Mutton Pie; Sausage Roll) Converted by MM_Buster v2.0l.

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