Russian cookery

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Our Knowledge of Russian cookery dates from the time before the USSR came into being, for information available since then has been limited, and there are no books which can be studied, other than those of some forty years ago. It seems likely, however, that the style of cooking is still the same, but the variety of dishes and the lavishness with which some of them were prepared have almost certainly disappeared, and it would seem that this sort of cuisine is only used for State banquets or receptions. Information tends to come mainly from Moscow and it is perhaps likely that more of the traditional recipes are used away from the big towns. In Moscow, beef would appear to be the meat chiefly eaten, prepared in the manner of Beef Strogonoff, and this is the main dish in restaurants. Caviare and eggs are also served, to visitors, and ice cream. Russian cuisine was rich and varied and characterized by the use of much sour and fresh cream in the cooking of both meat and sweet dishes. it is probably to the Russians that we owe the idea of serving small savoury "canapes" at cocktail parties, for it has always been their custom to serve these in lavish profusion, arranged on side tables, before dinner, while vodka is drunk. Origin: Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book Shared by: Sharon Stevens Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 03-10-95

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