Rick eastes's berry sorbet

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Blackberries,rinsed/drained
2 cups Raspberries,rinsed/drained
½ cup Powdered fructose
½ cup Water
2 tablespoons Lime juice
\N \N Blackberries,rinsed/drained*
\N \N Raspberries,rinsed/drained*
\N \N Black-raspberry liqueur

Rick Eastes travels to Chile routinely to arrange for shipping that country's seasonal fruits here. It's summer in Chile now, so his Berry Sorbet is seasonal, sort of. In it he uses fructose. Not because this sugar is more easily digested by some people, but because he had some on the shelf the day he ran out of granulated sugar. If you've run out of fructose, you can use granulated sugar it its place.

====================================================================== === * - optional

====================================================================== === 1. In a 2-3 quart pan, combine the 2 cups of blackberries and raspberries, fructose, water, and lime juice. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring often. Then reduce heat and simmer until blackberries mash redily, 3-4 minutes. Whirl mixture, a portion at a time, in blender or food processor until smoothly pureed. To remove seeds, rub puree through a fine strainer into a bowl. 2. Pour puree into a 9-10" square metal pan. Cover airtight and freeze until firm, at least 8 hours or up to 2 weeks. 3. Frozen sorbet has an icy texture. If you like a softer texture, break frozen sorbet into chunks and beat with a mixer until slushy; serve at once or return to freezer up to 1 hour. Top servings of sorbet with additional berries and liqueur to taste (1-2 tablespoons per portion). Makes about 3 cups. Submitted By ROBERT MILES On 05-09-95

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