Rich white bread

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2½ teaspoon Yeast
3 cups Bread flour
¼ cup Sugar
1½ tablespoon Lowfat margarine
1 tablespoon Fat free margarine
1 \N Egg white
¼ cup Egg substitute
1 cup Skim milk

FAT FREE LIVING COOKBOOK 4 BREADS, C1996 by Fat Free Living Inc., author Jyl Steinback. For more info call : 6029966300 ( Scottsdale Arizona, USA ) Here are I few I tried and enjoyed very much. They are for 1½ lbs although the author lists also 1 lb recipes. All recipes are 1 gm fat or lower per serving I found with any recipe you may have to a bit more or less flour/liquid ratio to achieve the correct texture.

Place ingredients into breadmaker as manufacturer instructs and follow baking instructions in your manuel .

All her recipes states these instructions, although in the beginning of the book she lists tips etc for abm baking.

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