Raisin sauce/chuck

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Plain flour
1½ tablespoon Light brown sugar
1½ tablespoon Dry mustard
\N \N Salt and white pepper
1½ cup Water
2 tablespoons White wine vinegar
1 tablespoon Fresh lemon juice
⅓ cup Seedless raisins
2 tablespoons Butter

Place first 4 ingredients in a heavy-based saucepan; stir to blend; bring water to a boil in a separate saucepan and whisk into dry ingredients, a little at a time, stirring constantly, to produce a smooth sauce;add vinegar and lemon juice, then simmer over moderate heat for 7 to 8 minutes; add raisins; lower heat to low and cook 3 minutes more, or until raisins are soft and plump; just before serving, stir in the butter until melted; serve hot with ham. Makes about 1¾ cups. Chuck Ozburn Posted to Bakery-Shoppe Digest V1 #455 by Martha Sheppard <marthahs@...> on Dec 16, 1997

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