Prune conserve i

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
3 pounds Prunes
5 mediums Apples
2 cups Chopped nuts
5 \N Oranges, peeled and diced
3 \N Quinces
4 cups Diced watermelon rind
1 cup Raisins
\N \N Sugar

Wash prunes. Cover with water. Simmer until tender. Cool. Remove pits. Combine prune pulp, prune juice, cored and chopped apples, and pared and chopped quinces. Add water to cover. Cook until fruits are soft. Rub through a sieve. Add watermelon rind and oranges to fruit pulp. Add ¾ as much sugar as fruit mixture. Add raisins.

Simmer slowly, stirring constantly, until thick. Add nuts and cook 5 minutes. Gladys Groves, Canary, OR.

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