Pork chops from hell

Yield: 1 Servings

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LEIGH ANN'S "I CRAVE JERK, BUT WHAT'S IN THE FRIDGE" PORK CHOPS FROM HELL Heat oil in a big, deep frypan; saute 1 large chopped onion in it. Over the onion, when it is translucent, sprinkle ¼ t ground habanero (more if you want to pay longer...), drizzle honey (I think it was about ¼ c), add 1T prepared mustard and 2T mango chutney. Munge all together (did you know "munge" was a real live cookbook word in 1450?), lay raw pork chops on top, turn them over (this is to coat them), then add water and immediately clamp the lid on to keep the nice aromatics from subliming away. Stir now and then and turn the chops over. Over a medium-high flame some natural caramelization of the sauce occurs, which is only to the good. Eat with lots of rice! Yum! Made this last night on the spur of the moment, all who ate said I must remember -- so this is part of the remembering process...

From the Internet Cookbook.

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