Poached loin of lamb

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N A 4-pound lamb loin; fully boned and
\N \N ; trimmed of fat and
\N \N ; membrane, reserving
\N \N ; the bones and
\N \N ; scraps for the
\N \N ; stock and
\N \N ; separating the eye
\N \N ; of the loin and the
\N \N ; tenderloin
2 \N Garlic cloves; or to taste, sliced
\N \N ; thin
1 tablespoon Salt
\N \N Coriander; mint, and Chili
\N \N ; Chutney as an
\N \N ; accompaniment

On a work surface tie together with string the eye of the loin and the tenderloin at 1-inch intervals and tie the length of the meat with string, leaving enough string at the ends to reach the handles of a kettle. Make several slits in the meat, insert the garlic, and chill the meat, covered, while making the stock.

In the kettle combine the reserved bones and scraps, the salt, and 12 cups cold water, bring the water to a boil, skimming the froth, and simmer the mixture for 1 hour. Strain the stock through a fine sieve into a bowl, discarding the solids, return it to the kettle, cleaned, and bring it to a simmer over moderately high heat. Lower the lamb into the stock without letting it touch the side or the bottom of the kettle, tie the string to the handles, and simmer the lamb for 10 to 12 minutes for medium-rare meat.

Remove the lamb from the kettle, discard the strings, and let the lamb stand on a cutting board for 3 minutes. Cut the lamb diagonally into ½-inch-thick slices, divide it among 4 plates, and spoon the chutney onto the plates.

Serves 4.

Gourmet June 1991

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