Old peculier

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 pounds Dark malt extract
½ pounds Roast barley
½ pounds Crystal malt
2 pounds Dark brown sugar
2 ounces Fuggles hops
5 \N Tablets
\N \N Yeast
\N \N Saccharin

This recipe uses saccharin, but I will not use this in my beer; instead I may add brewer's licorice or lactose for sweetness. The amount of fermentables also seems low; I would add a pound or two of light extract to increase the gravity to the mid-fifties. The recipe also calls for priming with 3 ounces of black treacle, which is molasses. This seems low, and it also seems that different brands would contain different amounts of fermentable sugar. This recipe is for one of my favorite old ales---Old Peculiar. It comes from Dave Line's book Brewing Beers Like Those You Buy.

Recipe By : Mike Fertsch


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