Navajo bread

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
6 pounds Pizza flour
16 ounces Water; (110 degrees)
32 ounces Cold water
4 tablespoons Dry active yeast
1 \N 4 ounces can olive oil mix
4 ounces Honey
4 ounces Sugar
2 teaspoons Salt

Pre-weigh and measure all ingredients before starting. Add 110-degree warm water to warm mixing bowl. Add yeast and honey. Let it set 2 minutes to activate. Add cold water and olive oil. Add all dry ingredients, stir with hand. Knead dough until smooth and it stretches and pulls easily (may take 9 to 10 minutes). Rub hands with canola olive oil and remove dough from mixing bowl. Knead dough with oiled hands for 1 minute. Form into large round mass, cover with towel - stand 5 minutes. Cut into six ½ ounce pieces. Roll on floured surface into round balls. Place on lightly floured trays, refrigerate. This dough can be used in your favorite pizza recipes .

. . follow those recipes for further directions using this dough mixture.

Recipe submitted by Kelley Allen, Executive Chef at Cino Grille.

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