Mulled cider #3

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Fresh cider
1 \N Whole nutmeg
3 \N Sticks cinnamon; broken up
2 teaspoons Whole cloves
2 teaspoons Whole allspice (up to)
3 slices (thin) fresh ginger


This is usually a hit but the investment (whole spices) can be kind of expensive. If you can find someplace that sells spices in bulk (I can get an ounce of bulk cinnamon sticks for 45 cents, as opposed to French's or Durkee etc which runs about $4.65 in the spice aisle at the supermarket.) I don't use measurements but I'll try to estimate. If you prefer one spice over others you may want to go heavier on it.

Place spices in the middle of about a 5"x5" square of double thickness cheese cloth. Gather up corners and tie tightly with string, with scissors cut of extra string and cheesecloth. You should end up with a nice neat ball a little larger than a golf ball.

Fill crock pot or other slow cooker with fresh cider and throw in spice bundle. Let simmer on high about two hours or low on four. Turn to low to keep warm, set out a ladle, a hotpad for the lid, and mugs and let people have at it. It will make your house smell incredibly wonderful as an added bonus.

As the cider gets low you can keep adding fresh until you've cycled through about two crocks full. Then I usually make up a new spice bundle if I need to keep it going.

I use a small (2 qt maybe?) slow cooker. If you use a larger one, you may want to increase the spices, or use multiple bundles for better infusion.

Sediment will collect on the bottom, probably from the cider, but I think more from the ginger. That's why I think crystallized might be better. The sediment can look kind of gross, but people rave about the stuff anyway. If anyone has a solution to eliminate that (short of straining piping hot cider), I'd love to hear it.




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