Moroccan rice pudding

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 \N 6 ounces who blanched almonds
5 ounces Medium or small grain rice
3 ounces Caster sugar
2 \N Cinnamon sticks; (or cassia bark)
3 ounces Butter
½ teaspoon Salt
½ teaspoon Almond essence
¾ pint Milk
\N \N Toasted almonds
1 pinch Cinnamon powder
\N \N Honey

Chop the almonds coarsely, then liquidise in the blender with half a cup of very hot water.

Add the milk and 1 cup of water and bring to the boil. Sprinkle in the rice, sugar and cinnamon, then add the butter, half a teaspoon of salt, the almond essence and the rest of the milk. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, adding more milk if necessary, until it becomes thick.

Remove the cinnamon sticks (or cassia bark) and spoon the rice pudding into individual serving bowls. To decorate, sprinkle with toasted almonds and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Finally, dribble a spoon of honey over the individual bowls and serve immediately.

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