Mars ice cream

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 \N Mars bars (or Snickers)
10 fluid ounce Milk
20 fluid ounce Chilled double cream (= heavy cream)


Chop the bars into quarters, put with the milk in a pan on a gentle heat, and stir until the bars are melted. Leave to cool (you may wish to put the pan in a couple of inches of cold water to hasten this).

Stir in the cream. If the cream is very thick and has difficulty mixing, you could push it through a sieve. Then put into a freezer-proof container (or an ice-cream machine) for freezing.

If you wish to still-freeze, put the container in the freezer, and let the ice-cream freeze. When it is half-frozen (approximately 4 hours, but could be sooner or later depending on your freezer), take out the container, quickly run the contents through a liquidizer or food processor, and return to the container, and to the freezer. Repeat after another few hours.

(makes between 1 and 1½ litres) Posted to EAT-L Digest 30 Aug 96 From: sharon@... (Sharon Curtis) Date: 20 Aug 1996 12:49:26 GMT

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