Maple syrup marinaded bacon and backstrap

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Maple syrup

Remove all of the silverskin (naturally). Cut thin strip of backstrap WITH the grain approx ½ inch thick. Lay the strips out and cover with a strip of bacon (use as many strips of bacon as it takes to cover the backstrap strip). Roll the backstrap up with the bacon inside and use toothpicks to secure the backstrap/bacon pinwheels.

Pour the maple syrup into a flat bowl and lay pinwheels in the syrup. Turn to insure that each side is soaked and let sit at least ten minutes. Longer is fine.

Lay the pinwheels soaked in syrup on the grill over a low heat and cover.

Check on them closely and you will have to determine when to turn them.

They cook fairly quickly even over a low heat.

Serve with rice or whatever. They are very presentable and taste GREAT! My family loves to eat deer but the kids and wife all agree that this is their favorite.

I have never tried variations on this recipe (ie cook in the oven, table syrup instead of maple, etc). I guess that variations would work, but why ruin a sure thing?

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