Kosher martinis

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 ounces Gin or vodka
2 ounces Kosher dry white wine-Chablis, Chardonnet, Rhine)
⅛ teaspoon (level) ground cinnamon

This is the authentic martini drink and is superior to the slop called and served as martinis in American bars and homes today which are the poorest excuse for an alcolic drink that you could possibly find.

For 2 martinis

Stir well and serve as cold as possible.

You will note that there is no vermouth, or olives in this genuine martini.

Vermouth is nothing but a cheap spice flavored white wine and was originally made in order to get rid of wine too poor to sell on its own.

The idea of putting an olive in a martini was to try to conceal the raw alcohol taste of martinis served in the US with the salt of an olive. It helps very little.

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